The Rose Pentacle



The Rose Pentacle is home to a few crafty women who have decided to share their gifts, stories, and years of practical experience with those who would like a friendly place to gather. Each is a solitary practitioner of their chosen path, who have come together to collaborate in a positive manner in order to pass on generations of  knowledge. We open our cyber-doors to all who would like to share in such a place.

From Pagan Paths to Witchcraft, Spirituality to Shamanism,  new and old, you may find a bit of everything here

As you navigate this site, you will see our pages to your left. Hover your cursor over each one to see the sub-topics under our contributors pages.


Our little site is still growing, so be sure to check back often as we add to the mix.


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Here you will find:

The Crystal Crone - She brings her years of knowledge and experience of the Rock and Mineral Kingdom to our circle. The Crystal Crone will not only share with you the magickal side of rocks, gems and crystals, but also the practical and geological nature of the mineral kingdom. She is an energy worker , dowser, Rune Master and Astro-Numerologist, who also does readings, both via email and phone (U.S. Only for phone readings) in order to help those in search of answers.

Ask Aggie -

Agatha Waddlebottoms, our resident "Dear Abby" and "Miss Manners", has been around long enough to have seen it all and still find the humor in the twists that life throws us. With a mix of laughter and practicality she can help almost anyone with a sincere problem, question or conundrum . Be it Magickal or Mundane, just Ask Aggie and we are sure she can help you out.

Hester's Herb Cabinet - Hester is a self taught and long standing kitchen witch of remarkable talent !  She has mastered the arts of herbal magick as well as being a wonderful culinary crafter!  If you are mixing up a spell or supper, take a look at Hester's pages to find delights galore!

 Politi-Witch - Who dares to take on politics, religion and the human condition in today's Wiccan, Pagan and New Age world? Our very own Politi-Witch. With a good dose of common sense and a dab of humor,  check in from time to time to see how these very topics that we often try to avoid actually shape our lives on a daily basis.

Witchin' In The Kitchen - a collection of tasty tidbits and clever culinary ideas for just about anyone. From the kids to the crones in the family, you are sure to find something to share with all!

Shaman's Corner - for now we have guest contributors to our Shamans Corner. Animal totems, sacred spaces, meditation techniques and sacred stories are just a few things that will be found among these pages.

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