The Rose Pentacle

A Beginner's List Of Stones

 When beginning to work with stone and mineral energy, you will hear bits and pieces from many sources. When you make your first trip to a rock shop or begin to look online for additions to your collection, you will be dazed and confused by all the bright and shiny objects just waiting to make their home with you!

 I have made the following list as a beginners guide to must-have stones, especially when working with their energies.

 The list is based on easy availability and is also easy on the finances as well. The properties and notes with each one are only a tiny bit of the information associated with each. This is a combination of stones, minerals, crystals and even a couple of resins. There is so much more to be shared, but for now this will get you off to a good start!

 Special note - most of the information here was found in the following books as well as through personal experience:

"Love Is In The Earth" by Melody,

"The Book Of Stones" by Simmons and Ahsian,

"Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic" by Cunningham

The List

 Agate – Stabilizes the aura to provide a cleansing effect; transforms and eliminates negativity; stimulates the analytical mind, promotes connectivity to the spiritual worlds. There are a variety of types of agates, each having unique energies of their own. Further information to be posted later on the various types of Agates.

 Amazonite – Soothes all chakras, dispels aggravation, irritating and negative energies; aligns the physical body with the etheric and astral bodies.

 Amber – Is a fossilized resin; stimulates the intellect, opens the crown chakra; can be used to cleanse the environment; is a stone of luck for warriors; scared to both American and Eastern Indians.

 Amethyst – The “do it all” stone. Stone of spirituality and contentment; wonderful for grid work; has been used for the balance of treating addictions; a stone of mediation bringing calmness and peacefulness; a stone of healing; known for stability, strength and peace.

 Ametrine – a mixing of Amethyst and Citrine, best when natural and not heat-treated by man. Combines the qualities of intellect and spirituality; can help one to open to higher planes; disperses negativity from the aura.

 Aquamarine – A stone of courage; shields the aura, helps one to connect to higher spiritual levels; promotes preparedness and quick thinking when necessary.

 Aventurine – Stimulates balance and alignment of the intellectual, emotional and spiritual bodies; provides a balance of male/female energies; amplifies leadership qualities.

 Azurite – Known as a “stone of Heaven”; promotes the awakening of the psychic self; enhances creativity and dispels worries; helps one to relax in meditation.

 Basalt – Provides strength through difficult times; dispels anger and helps one to bounce back in times of stress or need; very beneficial stone for times of change.

 Bloodstone – Provides centering and grounding of the heart energy; improves talents and abilities in creativity; has an energy of strength and renewal; promotes harmony and adaptability.

 Boji Stone – Aligns all the subtle bodies and chakras; balances personal energies; used in pairs, denoted as a male and female team, thus balance; cleanses, fills and charges voids in the aura.

 Calcite – Energy amplifier; helps the mind to remember information and the body to remember the state of perfection; Helps to amplify the energies of other stones and minerals as well.

 Carnelian – Stimulates analytical capabilities and the intellect; awakens inherent talents and perception; protects against envy, fear and rage; conducive to balancing the energies of the home; cleanses negativity from other stones.

 Chrysocolla – Provides for grounding while balancing energies; assists in attunement to the Earth; revitalizes and calms the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras; increases ones ability and capacity to love.

 Citrine – Often called “the merchants stone” as it was said to place a piece in your cash box to promote financial abundance; never needs cleansing or clearing and works well to cleanse other stones and energies; disperses fear, promotes a light hearted view of life, problems and the solutions one is seeking.

 Copal – a fossil resin; activates the crown chakra; assists in meditation as well as retrieving information while in meditative states; removes energy blockages; assists in psychic abilities.

 Copper - Stimulates initiative, optimism and diplomacy; said to bring luck to the owner or wearer; promotes healing of the body and the energies of the body; amplifies thought, and aligns the subtle bodies.

 Coral – Removes emotional disturbances of the energy fields; represents diplomacy, promotes peace; facilitates imagination.

 Dolomite – Relieves sorrow; encourages original thinking; aids with stamina.

 Emerald – Stone of successful love, promoting sensitivity and loyalty within the home; enhances memory; opens the heart chakra; eliminates negativity from one’s life in order to promote positive action.

 Flint – Promotes self-esteem; helps to sever emotional ties to people, memories and situation which hinder forward movement; useful in finding “insight” into situations.

 Fluorite – Discourages chaos and disruption; increases the ability to concentrate; brings balance to individual relations ships as well as group relationships; helps one to see reality as well as the truth behind situations.

 Galena – A stone of harmony; provides for grounding and centering of energies.

 Garnet – A stone of health; assists in helping one to change their world by producing greater awareness and manifestation; stimulates the movement of Kundalini energy; adjusts the flow of energy so that is becomes balanced; said to carry one when making deals and money transactions.

 Geode - Assists with communications and the connection to higher planes.

 Graphite – Enhances the energy transfer from healers or other minerals; a stone of personal freedom; aligns chakras, discourages hostility.

 Hematite – A stone for the mind; assists in the sorting of information; balances yin-yang energies, perfect for grounding and dissolving negativity; assists in focusing energy.

 Herkimer Diamond – Helps one to “begin again”; stimulates clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities; clears unconscious fears and repressions.

 Howlite – Calm communications; dispels criticalness and selfishness; encourages ambition to reach ones goals.

 Iolite – One of the major stones used for the third-eye and crown chakras during healing, meditation and astral travel adventures; assists in change and spiritual growth, enhances visions.

 Jade – Known as a dream stone; helps to attune one to the needs of others; used by the Mayans for connectivity to the spiritual realms; provides confidence, self-assuredness and self-reliance.

 Jasper – A strong stone of protection; stabilizes the aura and aligns the chakras.

 Jet – Dispels fear and fearful thoughts; protects the wearer against illness and violence; calming and diminishes depression; enhances the stability of ones finances.

 Kyanite – Another stone which never needs clearing or cleansing; will assist in the cleansing of other stones; aligns all chakras immediately; brings tranquility and calm to ones life and thoughts; dispels anger and frustration; wonderful facilitator of meditation.

 Labradorite – Protects the aura keeping it clear and balanced; assists in changes by attracting strength and perseverance; provides clarity to inner sight.

 Lapis Lazuli – Assists one in gaining insight to the mysteries and wisdom of the ancients;A stone of total awareness; attunes one to the creative source.

 Lodestone - Relieves burdens and brings that which is wanted and needed; promotes motivation and confidence; removes obstacles.

 Malachite – Stone of transformation; assists with changes in one’s life and environment; stimulates the heart and throat chakra; clears paths to the desired outcome; helps one to accept responsibility for themselves and their actions.

 Marble – Promotes common sense; nurtures and sustains; provides strength of character.

 Mica – Induces self-reflection; diminishes hostility, anger and trauma; releases energy blockages.

 Mochi Marbles – The Shamen’s Stone; protective; aligns energy centers; great for energy in personal spaces.

 Moonstone – Balance, reflective, introspective in nature; new beginnings, moon magick, feminine magick; rids one of emotional tension, promotes a nurturing environment; promotes growth, connects the physical, emotional and intellectual self.

 Obsidian – Grounding stone; connects one to the Earth, protective; shields against negativity.

 Opal – Enhances creativity; strengthens memory and faithfulness; a stone of happy dreams; awakens psychic and mystical abilities.

 Petoskey Stone – Stimulates the third eye; excellent for dowsers, readers and intuitive work; eliminates mischievous spirits and does not allow for incorrect information; protects the immediate area of the holder.

 Petrified Wood – Grounding stone that strengthens the environment of the holder; allows access to past-life recall.

 Pietersite – aligns the energy center of the body with the etheric; allows access to the Akashic records; promotes loyalty of the self and allows one to see beyond what is in front of them.

 Pumice – Gives insight to negative situations.

 Pyrite – Shields from negative energy; assists in seeing behind facades; very protective.

 Quartz – Excellent for grid work in both the home and for healing; easily allows the transfer of energy from other stones as well as from other persons; connects the physical to the mind; there are so many different kinds that to list each property would create an entire page of it’s own. More to follow on different types of Quartz.

 Rose Quartz – Healing for emotional wounds; aligns energies with a mothering and nurturing quality; promotes self-love and acceptance.

 Ruby – Stimulates the heart chakra; amplifies energy; protects against unhappiness and bad dreams; brings light to the darkness in one’s life.

 Sandstone – The stone of creativity; promotes clarity of thought; rids one of distractions of the mind.

 Sapphire – Brings joy and peace of mind; promotes prosperity.

 Selenite – Used to access past lives as well as future lives; assists in material pursuits; connects the conscious with the super-consciousness.

 Silver – Brings and air of culture into one’s life; enhances the powers of the moon and is excellent for charging other stone when working with the moons energies; increases perception.

 Smokey Quartz – Transforms negative emotions and energy patterns; grounding stone; stone of higher awareness; enhances stability.

 Sulphur – Promotes an abundance of energy and inspiration; removes blockages.

 Sunstone – Clears and energizes the chakras; eliminates fear and stress; said to provide luck in games of chance.

 Tektite – Talisman of great power; strengthens the energy field.

 Tiger Eye – Brings together the energies of the Sun and the Earth; grounding stone; protective stone of warriors; promotes calmness and balance.

 Topaz – The stone of true love and success in all endeavors; promotes clear though; aids in clinical thinking; allows one to see the big picture; allows for the laws of attraction and manifestation.

 Tourmaline – Attracts inspiration; diminishes fear; balances the left and right sides of the brain; aligns with all the chakras; wonderful for healers.

 Ulexite – The stone of solutions; stimulates the mind and the third eye; assists in the interpretation of visions.

 Unakite – Enhances visions; balances the emotional body; helps in dealing with one’s past.