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Helloooo dearies!!
My name is Agatha Waddlebottoms and welcome to  "Ask Aggie"!!

 I am a curious little country witch who has pretty much either seen, heard or done it all, well with discretion of course. Be it magickal or mundane, perhaps you might have a question you would like to share in hopes of getting an answer to.

 Now this is not for the telling of fortunes, or finding those winning lottery numbers, mind you, if it were, I would have won the blasted lottery already. NO, this is simply a place where I hope to share my years of wisdom with those who may just be starting, or even sharing ides to make our daily lives a bit more simpler.

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(names will be changed to protect the innocent or guilty) and if I can help, I most certainly will!


Dear Aggie,

Is it ok to use the battery operated candles for my rituals?
Ben Burned

Dear Ben, 

Now that is a new one. Personally, I LOVE the new battery operated LED candles when it comes to creating an atmosphere. They are wonderful if you have small spaces, small children or curious pets.I see no problem in using them to create a working or meditative atmosphere.

BUT.... for spell work that includes "flame", sorry, but in my humble opinion a real candle should be used. The colors of the candles and what they represent are meaningful in rituals and spell-work, especially if the spell calls for inscribing the candle with your wish or goal and letting it burn out.

I do have a suggestion or two though.
If your ritual calls for candlelight say in a circle, as many will for marking the points of your circle, I would think the white pillar-shaped LED candles would be fine for just that.

When it comes to actual spell-work involving the burning of a candle to bring forth an intended outcome, it is often safer and more prudent to use the small taper candles called "chime candles" for such. They are small, only about 4 inches in height and about 1/2 and inch in diameter, they usually burn out in an hour or so, and are easily extinguished if need be. You can also use votive candles in holders that are taller then the actual candle, though I have seen a votive candle burn far longer than the chime candles I just mentioned. I have even heard of people using birthday candles for "quick spells".
Just remember, vigilance is the key to not getting burned, in magick as well as in life!

Blessings to you!!

Dear Aggie,

I live in a very conservative area, religiously speaking. It was not always like this, it is only in recent years that more conservative-types have moved in. Before I could decorate my home (outside) and yard as I wished and the few neighbors I had thought of it as cute, folkish and fun. Now I have an influx of door-to-door Bible Thumpers, it seems as though they target my home, even though I have taken down all but the vaguest of decor. I average about 3 a month!! I think the final straw happened when I went out one morning to find my car wind-shield, post-box, even my bird feeder hanger PLASTERED with flyers for a revival. Huge , ghastly, bright red flyers emblazoned with "Revival for Repenting" with phrases about escaping from the fires of Hell. Neither of my closest neighbors had those flyers on their property, I asked them, and I trust them.
I just don't know what to do anymore, and moving is not an option. Suggestions please? I feel like my power is being drained not only from myself but from my property, and I so loved this place, still do.

Afraid of the Cross.

 This sounds like quite a serious matter. It makes me sad for you. What you are experiencing is borderline harassment, and should be handled as such. There are many things you can do.
The first thing I would do is place "No Trespassing" signs about your yard in very plain sight. An added "No Soliciting" sign would also be beneficial.
Do you know the Church or religious organization responsible for plastering those fliers? If so, check with your local laws concerning restraining laws. The trespassing signs should be enough, but just in case, make yourself well informed on local harassment laws.
Have your neighbors keep an eye out for you as well.
If it happens again after you have taken those precautions, call your local police.

Now magickally speaking, cleanse your property, your yard, your home, smudge it, grid it with crystals and empower them as your "circle" and depending on what path you follow, you can use red brick dust to form a line across your driveway and / or doorway to place a protective energy circle around your home. Rebuild the energies and that too will help to protect you and your property.
 I wish only the best for you dearie, including Peace, Prosperity and Protection.

Blessings, Aggie

Hey Ag,
When people come over to my house, they always want to touch my rocks. Is this a bad thing?
Wiccan Joe

 Dear Joe,

Oh my! I just hate it when people touch my rocks!!  I had to confer with my friend The Crystal Crone on this one and we agree. Some folks don't mind if you touch their rocks and others are quite offended if you touch their rocks.
Rocks and crystals are as important to a witch as their wand - and we certainly don't like our wands touched by strangers now do we?
I have a set of rocks, crystals and several display pieces set about my home not only because I love them so, but also just for "that curious looker" to find satisfaction in. If you have certain rocks or crystals that are important to you for personal reasons - keep them hidden or secured in places your guests do not go. Set out ones that are ok to touch, and maybe that will cure the curiosity!

Happy Rock Hunting!!!

Dear Aggie,
 My roommate and I are both studying Wicca and we keep most of our herbs, candles, and supplies in the same place in our kitchen. We have limited space and limited budgets since we are both college students. Problem is that if she runs out of something, she will take some of my stuff to use. I don't mind sharing, but most of the time I end up buying and replacing before she even tells me she used my stuff! I don't want to piss her off, so what should I do?

 Signed, Space-Saving Sue

Dear Sue,
 Oh, I know all about cramped spaces, as well as those who like to borrow without returning. You have a couple of different options here:
 You can keep a small stash of the items used most in a separate place, like under your bed, or in a box in the closet.
 You could suggest that you both make an inventory list of what each of you has in the cupboard, and then ever so gently say that your idea is so that if either of you begins to run low, you can restock for the other and keep a running status/tab - like splitting the grocery bill, or even splitting chores as roommates often do.
 Or, you could, if you have room, suggest that each of you go to a thrift shop, or a used furniture store and look for small used cupboards so that you can each have your own space. A wonderful idea is to find an old nightstand with a couple of drawers in it as well as an open space. You store your supplies in the drawers and your books on the shelf and the top can be your own personal alter. That is highly suggested anyway, as everyone should have a place for "their stuff".
 Best wishes to you dearie!!