The Rose Pentacle

Caring For Stones , Minerals and Gems

 Storing Your Collection

When we find a new crystal friend or specimen, we know just the place to display it. But to be reasonable, there is only so much space for such things. And as your collection grows, you must have a place to store all your beautiful new friends.

 One thing I have found very helpful are the plastic craft boxes, the kinds that have individual compartments for easy division of different stones. Some of these craft boxes even have compartments that you can adjust the sizes of each section.

 I first started using them for small stones, especially tumbled stones. You can keep you Amethyst from your Malachite and label each one with ease!

 Fishing tackle boxes work well, as do those mini tool boxes which have multiple compartments for things like nails, screws and all those little things you need to get your hands on without having to dig through everything else.

 Now, if you get really serious, there are wood boxes and mini-trunks with trays that stack inside. A trip to your local craft or hardware store can open up a ton of possibilities!

 Tumbled stones do well on their own, as do the more sturdy natural specimens and crystals. In your acquisitions however it is once again always good to know the chemical composition of your stone or minerals, if it is fragile, or soft and if it requires special care.(note - special care specimens most often will come with information, but it is still good to do your research first!)

 Sometimes it is good to wrap you crystals in a soft cloth, even when they have their own personal cubby, just for that added extra protection from the bouncing around effect. This is especially recommended for those fragile pieces.

 Sometimes you will find mineral specimens that are glued to cards, often referred to as "thumbnails". I do not advise you doing this because if done improperly, it can harm the stone, mineral or crystal. And if you want to remove one from such a card, then do so with care. Most are stuck on with an easily removable putty like substance, but on occasion I have seen them actually glued down. Sad but true. Do not use harsh solvents on the glue!!! It is best to leave them as such until you become more familiar with the mineral composition of your specimen.

Cleansing Your Stones, Minerals and Gems

  Years ago, I was contacted by someone who was distraught over the proper cleansing and caring for her crystals, rocks and minerals. It seems as though her preferred method was to soak her stones in salt water in order to cleanse them of built up energies. Imagine her surprise when she soaked a piece of selenite in water and it began to dissolve! I suggested she buy a book on the chemical composition and hardness of rocks and minerals. A good book on geology often does the trick!

 Safe cleansing for all

 Because the chemical composition is so diverse in the mineral kingdom, I would suggest the same approach for everyone. It is not enough to simply know the metaphysical and magickal properties of your rocks and crystals, you need to know what they are composed of. You can easily soak  quartz, but not so much for sulfur, soapstone or selenite! Several good geology books can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and other reputable book sellers.

 But to play it safe until you learn all the ins and outs, here are a few simple suggestions for cleansing their energies. Once you learn more about the composition, you will be able to actually clean your collection of dust and dirt.

For cleansing the ENERGIES ONLY, make sure you own a piece of Kyanite and or Citrine. Both of these stones do not hold negative energies and NEVER need cleansing. They will work to cleanse your other stones as well. Place them together in a bowl or box away from your other stones so that they can do their work.

 Smudging is always an easy way to cleanse your stone as well as your work place and sacred space. There is such a variety of sages,incenses, oils(dropped on a burning charcoal to produce smoke), and blends out there that you can find or make one up of your own design.

 Lay your stones in the sunlight and full moon light for a day and a night. Make sure the weather will not surprise you and that they are in a place where they will not be disturbed. If you would feel more comfortable, you can lay them in a windowsill that gets both the sun and moon light, it will achieve the same goal.


 Rocks, minerals and crystals are as unique as people. With some study and practice you will soon move about them with ease!