The Rose Pentacle



 Maybe you have been to see a psychic, or had your palm read or even just make sure you read your horoscope daily. These are all forms of divination. The practice of seeing, foretelling or divining future events and outcomes to a given situation, finding lost objects or making the correct decisions with a little help from the spiritual side. 

 To give a more textbook definition of divination, you could say that –

    "Divination is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation. Diviners read signs, events, or omens, they aspire to connect to the spiritual or supernatural world through many known processes.  It is a method with which one organizes what appear to be disjointed, random facets of existence such that they provide insight into a problem at hand.” (taken from Wikipedia)

 Many will make the distinction between divination and fortune-telling in that divination has a formal or ritual and often social character, usually in a religious context, while fortune-telling is a more everyday practice for personal purposes. Particular divination methods vary by culture and religion.

 There are many forms of divination, to name a few:


  • Astrology - movements of celestial bodies
  • Bibliomancy - books; frequently, but not always, religious texts
  • Cartomancy - divination using various types of cards
  • Taromancy- a form of cartomancy using tarot cards
  • Palmistry - lines and mounds on the hand
  • Feng shui - earthen harmony and energy
  • Geomancy - markings in the ground, or the way earth or soil lays when thrown
  • Hydromancy - the use of water and how it flows, falls or pools
  • Lithomancy - stones or gems
  • Necromancy - the dead, or spirits/souls of the dead
  • Numerology - numbers
  • Oneiromancy - dreams
  • Pyromancy - fire, how flames react and interact
  • Runecasting /Runic divination – the runes, most often in reference to The Elder Futhark Norse Runes
  • Scrying - reflective objects such as mirrors or polished surfaces, sometimes even bowls of water are used
  • Spirit board - planchette or talking board divination
  • Tasseomancy - tea leaves or coffee grounds
  • Dowsing - the art of using pendulums, dowsing rods or forked branches in order to locate objects or answer questions.