The Rose Pentacle


Elemental Correspondences

Earth - feminine element, North, Green, fertility, jobs, money, business, health, ecology, stability

Air - masculine element, East, Yellow, memory, intellect, tests, divination psychic powers, travel, drug and alcohol addictions

Fire -  masculine element, South, Red, passion, sex, success, banishing illness, protection, legal matters, competitions, strength, courage, and energy

Water - feminine element, West, Blue, love, friendship, meditation, healing, dreams, clairvoyance, wisdom, and purification


A Watchtower is a spirit or guardian of one of the four cardinal points (directions) in both cerenomial magick and Wicca. It is considered to be the place the live.

Watchtower of the East
 Element - Air
 Archangel - Raphael
 Star - Aldebaran
 Elemental Fae - Sylphs

Watchtower of the South
 Element - Fire
 Archangel - Michael
 Star - Regulus
 Elemental Fae - Salamanders

Watchtower of the West
 Element - Water
 Archangel - Gabriel
 Star - Antares
 Elemental Fae - Undines

Watchtower of the North
 Element - Earth
 Archangel - Uriel
 Star - Fomalhaut
 Elemental Fae - Gnomes