The Rose Pentacle

Hester's Herb Cabinet

Before pharmacies, before Bath and Body Works shops, before every televised cooking guru had his or her own line of  "special blends" , there were folks who harvested the plants which Mother Earth provided to use as medicines, perfumes, charms and yes, to flavor that all important feast of the day. Every plant, tree, root, shrub and even what we now consider a weed had a purpose.

It is hard to actually plot out the history of today's Herbal Magick, but thanks to archeology and history, we have been able to create and add on to the uses for plants , herbs and even resins in our magickal as well as everyday lives.

My name is Hester and I have been studying Herbal Magick for most of my adult life. In the next few pages I will give you lists of herbs to be used in everything from Magickal charms, to cooking.
There are also medicinal uses for many herbs, but I would HIGHLY recommend seeing a licensed Herbalist for such before undertaking the medicinal uses yourself. Some people can have allergic reactions to herbs and plants, so make sure you take such precautions before doing magickal work or even cooking with basic spices and herbs as well.

Under Hester's Herb Cabinet You Will Find.....

 Herb Magick 101 - a basic list of herbs and their magickal uses

 Magickal Gardening - Trees, shrubs, plants commonly used in gardening and their magickal correspondences

 Crafty Cooking- herbs we use every day in our delightful dinners and their magickal correspondences

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