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Just A Bit On Scrying

 The art of scrying is often defined as being able to “see” visions, symbols, places or even the written word in a reflective surface. Here there is a bit of debate as not all scryers use reflective surfaces for their work. There are those that stare into a candle flame or an object which simply represents a void space. We are all familiar with the movies and stories, which show us the kindly older Gypsy lady as she stares into a pristine crystal ball. Well, I know plenty of folks who would rather use a crystal ball or even just a large crystal, which is heavily included to see what they will be shown.

  Scrying depends not only on ones ability to “see”, but also requires one to know the meaning of their own personal symbolism and how it may relate to their own understanding as well as that of the person they may be reading for.

  Each of us through our own personal experiences has a sub-conscious language of symbolism within us. For example, a bird in flight may mean travel to one person, soaring high above the earth freely, whereas to another it may mean flight as in leaving, running away, or changing direction. This is one form of divination which has very few set parameters and guidelines, what works for one may not work for another. And as I already stated, symbols are personal. So before you begin to scry for others, I would suggest practicing at length with your own visions for yourself. Make a list of the visions you see, the images that come to mind and write down what they mean to you. Just keep in mind that when you are ready to read for others, that those same images may be totally different to them. And always remember that you must talk to your client, get a feel for them and how they think, never impose your definition on another, work together to decipher what it means.

  I have found that when scrying, I like a darker or shaded room, usually lit by candlelight. Sometimes music is good, it helps to disconnect from that around you in order to allow that “space” in which the images and visions come. Mood and atmosphere are very important, as well as the ability to let your mind go. Meditation is a good way to prepare as well as excellent training for those who wish to learn the art of Scrying.

  Scrying is not just for use in divination. It is also very useful when connecting to your spirit guides, for shamanic journeys, astral travel and for inner knowing. It allows for you to metaphorically close or relax your physical eyes and open your psychic or third eye to gain access to the answers that you seek. Notice I said METAPHORICALLY close your physical eyes, after all, you need to physically see what the surface shows you.

  I have used candle flames, crystals and even large polished rocks. Some will prefer a regular mirror, while others may prefer a black mirror, usually highly polished obsidian or you can buy black painted mirrors. Scrying in water is a favorite of many as well. It can be water in a bowl (usually a dark colored bowl) or a pond or lake. Whatever you choose to work with, it is important to only use that crystal; rock; mirror; etc for scrying. Don’t use your mirror in a reversal spell one night and then try to see what the future holds the next. Keep your instrument charged and clean. You can place power crystals with your scrying tool, you can smudge it with sage or incense, wipe it with a scratch resistant cloth after use. Also make sure you cover it or store it when not in use.

  When it comes to scrying the first rule is “know thyself”; the second is “open your mind".


(contributed by The Crystal Crone)