The Rose Pentacle

The Crystal Crone's Stones

 How I Got Started.......

When I was about 7 years old, my parents gifted me with a small little rock collection. There were about 20 different kinds of rocks and crystals, each glued into a space in a box and labeled by name. I was hooked! From there it went to fossils, more rocks, picking up stones from places I visited and so on.

 Then in my 20's I found myself discovering a whole new aspect of the rock, gem and mineral kingdom, the energies associated with each and crystal healing and magick!

 Be it for the metaphysical properties or the simple beauty of rocks, crystals and gems, there is something to be said for this wonderful gift from the Earth. Over 35 years have passed since I got that first glimpse into the mineral kingdom, and now I would like to share it with you.



Under "The Crystal Crone",  You Will Find.....

A Beginner's List - a basic list of easily available and not too costly stones, minerals and gems that is a great starting place for anyone beginning to put together their collection, be it for magickal purposes, energy work or simply for the fun of collecting!

 Caring For Crystals - a guide to proper care and research for your collection.

 Gemstone Elixirs - The proper way to create Gemstone Energy Elixirs.

 Variations of Quartz - Types of specialty quartz and some of their properties. 

 Super Stones - this list will cover a list of harder to find, a bit more pricey and , for those energy workers out there, some of the higher vibrational stones available to work with.

Also coming soon will be some basics or gem, mineral and crystal magick and healing.