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Varieties of Quartz

Quartz Crystals Come from all over the world. Each type from each locality possesses it's own unique properties and vibrations. This is a short list of the different kinds of quartz crystal one will find in doing stone energy work. It does not include kinds of formations, that will come later.

African Quartz – Quartz from Africa is known for it’s primal force.

Arkansas Quartz – Known for being one of the purest veins of quartz used today. It’s energy is consistant and forceful and is excellent for grid work and energy boosting.

Amphibole Quartz
– Also known as Angel Quartz, it is only found in Minas Gerias, Brazil. Excellent for connecting to the Angelic and Spiritual realms. Aids in lucid dreaming and meditation as well.

Black Tibetan Quartz – It is known by its black inclusions, sometimes making the entire crystal seem black. It balances all chakras and meridians, is used for exceptionally powerful energy grids and deep spiritual meditation. It dissolves energy blockages and purifies. It is excellent for protection of a person, place or area.

Brazilian Quartz – It is said to be the most powerful and pure quartz used today. It’s energy signature has precision and accuracy for all endeavors.

Candle Quartz – It possesses a gentle but persistent energy of healing and transformation. It brings a “calm to the storm”.

Chinese Quartz
– Energy that is bubbly and light-hearted, excellent for lifting the spirit.

Chlorite Quartz – Connects one to nature and all nature spirits. It is used for connecting with the earth and all her creatures as well as the plant kingdom. It is a very powerful healing crystal.

Elestial Quartz – Also known as Skeletal or Jacare Quartz, it is said to be the crystal of the Angels. It helps us to connect to the Angelic realms and helps one to access and process higher knowledge.

Enhydro Quartz
– most commonly found in Tibetan quartz, and enhydro is quartz with encased water bubbles within it. It posses a clearing and cleansing energy as well as the elemental properties of water. Highly focused and energetic.

Golden Healer Quartz – Has a thin sheen or layer of an iron-oxide formed on it’s outer layer, as well as sometimes being contained within. Its pure healing energy has been said to link one to the “Christ Consciousness”.

Herkimer Diamond Quartz – It is called a “diamond” due to it’s clarity, sparkle and diamond-like natural facets. This is the "stone of attunement". It can be programmed to attune one to an environment, a situation, a quality, or most anything. It assists with balance on the mental, emotional and physical levels and can be used effectively to clear and open any chakra.

Lemurian Quartz – This is one of the Master Crystals  They are said to teach oneness while still maintaining our individuality. They also are said to hold the keys to understanding the Akashic Records. Lemurian Crystal have a very ancient feel to them, connecting us to both the past and the divine plan for the future of mankind. True Lemurian Quartz crystal are found in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Their distinct appearances includes striation or grooves on the sides of the crystal and are through lore reported to have been placed by an ancient civilization called Lemuria. Other crystals have been found in different areas of the world which resemble them, and the argument is on the table concerning if they too should be considered Lemurian Crystals.

Lithium Quartz – This is a super high energy healing and balancing stone. It is self-clearing and self-cleansing. Lithium quartz will send, receive and store energy. It is balancing and calming, and is used in crystal healing as a natural anti-depressant. It will replace stress, and anxeity with relaxation and peace.

Lodalite Quartz – Known for having scenes or landscapes of inclusions within it. Lodalite assists in the manifestation of one's desires. It enhances communication with beings on the spiritual plane and heighten one's spiritual energies.Also it is said to increase ESP and bring knowledge from your past lives.

Nirvana Quartz – Also called Ice Quartz. Nirvana Quartz has very high energy  connected to Spirituality. They attune one to the potential of all that can be. Excellent for meditation and for vision quests into one’s own destiny.

Phantom Quartz – Brings a sense of magick back into one’s life. It increases our awareness of ourselves as well as in the world around us. Excellent for past-life work.

Rutilated Quartz - Enhances mental and physical stability, self-reliance, and meditation on feminine ideas. It is also said to diminish fears, depression and issues with decision-making.

Spirit Quartz - Brings energy, peace, and positive energy to all efforts. It transforms negative energy into positive, and is a very protective stone. Spirit quartz is also excellent and often used for astral projection, dreamwork, shamanic journeying.

Tangerine Quartz – Enhances one’s energetic strength, balances the emotions and enhances etheric vision.

Tibetan Quartz – Also sometimes called Himalayan Quartz.  This quartz possesses a meditative and ethereal quality to the crystal's energy. They are superior crystals for meditation , astral travel, lucid dreaming and concentrated energies..

Tourmaliated Quartz – One of the best crystals for protection. It redirects negative influences and grounds them, protection the bearer or area from outside influences.
Witches Finger Quartz – These are crystals with actinolite, mica, and/or rutile inclusions. It is a highly protective crystal, protecting against chaotic energy. Witches Fingers are also good for meditation, channeling and attracting spiritual partners.