The Rose Pentacle

About Us

The Rose Pentacle is the product of a few crafty gals with a desire to share, laugh and hopefully make the world a little better place. We are thankful for our team here.

The Crystal Crone - The Crystal Crone has over 20 years of experience under her hat. She is our resident rock, gem and mineral guru, who also possess many other talents. She is an Astro-Numerologist, combing the factors of your birth sign with your personal numerology in order to help you learn more about your personal path as well as assisting with those little life issues that sometimes crop up. She is an ordained minister, an energy worker, dowser, Rune master and dream interpreter. In her free time she loves music, movies, writing,and lots of laughter! She is a fierce advocate for differerently-abled persons, the elderly, children , animals and LGBT rights.

Agatha Waddlebottoms -Aggie is everyone's grandmother or auntie. Life has taught her far more than any book or class and she brings her years of life lessons to the table in her "Ask Aggie" column. She is also an accomplished scryer. She considered herself a homebody, mainly because, and we quote, "her body likes it best at home!" Always with a good dose of humor and common sense, she tries to help you sort out "the junk drawer in you mind"!  Aggie loves country life, cooking, caring for animals and nice quiet evenings looking at the stars with the occasional spirited beverage. 

Hester - Hester is our resident Hedgewitch. She has had a love of plants since she was a child, carrying on many traditions and recipes handed down to her from her own grandmother. We have never seen someone so talented in the care and growing of plants. Hester can pinch off a leaf and turn it into another sprig blooming with life! She spends so much time working with her herbs and plants that she really does have a green thumb - as well as a few green fingers! With a love of culinary arts combined with her love of Magickal arts, she is known around here for fixing quite the feast! She enjoys reading, and more reading, good folk music, 70's music and considers herself a hippie born too late for Woodstock, but just in time for the New Age

We want to thank Sierra Aislin for all of her technical know-how.
7-RaeStorm and Photobucket Free Share for images.
Phynix for her news-worthy research abilities and contributions on Politi-WItch.
And  thanks to The Crystal Crone for bringing us all together and sorting out the madness.