The Rose Pentacle


Bibliomancy is the use of books, or specific passages from books, in divination. The method most commonly uses sacred texts or religious books from any number of spiritual teachings from religions of the world. The book,  “The Bible Code” was a more modern aspect of bibliomancy, only more precise as it was not done on a random basis, but instead taken by chapter, verse and even individual letters prescribed in order to “break the hidden codes and messages” within the Bible, or Torah as a means to looking to the future and answering questions concerning the events of the day.

A Common Method for Bibliomancy

1.      A book is picked that is believed to hold “truths”.

2.      Balance the book on its spine and allow falling open freely.

3.      A passage is picked, with the eyes closed.

4.      The passage is then divined for the answers sought out

Another variation is to use a random book from a library before selecting the random passage from that book. It does not necessarily need to be a spiritual or religious text. One can “thumb” through the book stopping on a random page and pointing with eyes closed to a random line or paragraph.


(contributed by Aggie)