The Rose Pentacle

Colors and Candles


Red  - Primal energy, strength, passion, courage, f
ast action, lust, survival, passionate love

Orange -  Success, career, ambitions, legal issues, justice

Gold  - Happiness, masculine energy, wealth

Yellow  - Memory, intelligence,

Pink - Romantic love, healing, spiritual healing, nurturing, peace

Green - Earth magick, money, prosperity, physical healing, growth, abundance

Blue - Water magick, communication, wisdom, inspiration

Purple - Psychic ability, spiritual connection, spiritual power, opening the third eye

Silver - Astral energies, clairaudience, clairvoyance,
intuition, dreams

Brown - Influence relationships, requesting of favors

Black - Protection, repelling or transmuting negativity, shape-shifting, binding, dark moon magick

White - Connection to the higher self, purity, "white-light", can be used in place of any other color if they are unavailable